Shards is an utility token for RoboUniCats Universe.

RoboUniCats is a MMORPG, first game (comming Q4 2021) from the few different games with different mechanics running on the Zilliqa blockchain.

Also mini games based on RoboUniCats Universe will be available in future and it is open for development by 3rd party developers.


Most of current games based on blockchain technologies just a card games without any reward system for players.

In RoboUniCats you can earn Shards tokens by playing and can trade it on DEX (Zilswap) right away.

Also you can get be rewarded not for playing but just for holding tokens in Liquidity Pool.

All mechanics is clear and transparent, and you can check it at any time on GitHub.

Problem with games in crypto - you need to pay transaction fees for any action, and we resolving this problem by giving a chance to players to return this fees.


Zilliqa, works with Smart Contracts, which are compiled programs running on the blockchain. If well-designed, these programs are reliable, transparent and cheat-proof.

The RoboUniCats contracts has been designed to give you Fair Game.

These contracts is creating all game mechanics and you can check it any time.

The RoboUniCats smart contracts is supposed to execute different tasks, such as:

- Game actions

- Players reward distribution

- Liquidity Providers rewards

It interacts with the frontend (client-side) of each player and with the RoboUniCats backend.


RoboUniCats rewards its active players and Liquidity Providers by distributing Shards. Shards is a ZRC-2 compliant fungible token.

Shards have a maximum total supply of 300,000 tokens.

These 300,000 tokens will be allocated in the following way:

- Initial supply is 160,000 tokens (140,000 goes to Liquidity Pool, 20,000 goes to Dev Team).

- Other 140,000 tokens will be minted maximum 200 each day starting from the launch of the RoboUniCats (Q4 2021), until the maximum total supply will be reached.


The distribution of Shards from Daily emission to active players will be executed in the following way:

- 40% for player who have completed an action successfully (fight a monster, gather resources, complete a quest)

- 30% for Liquidity Providers fund

- 20% for Active Players Prize fund

- 10% for Dev Team

All Shards spent by the Players for some actions (improving Items, upgrade Heroes, fight a Boss) will be distributed in the following way:

- 50% for Dev Team

- 50% Liquidity Providers fund

The Shards allocated in the Liquidity Providers fund will be distributed every two weeks. The dividends will be calculated considering the shares of each account holding Shards.

The Shards allocated in the Active Players Prize fund will be distributed with a small chance on any action Shards required (more actions completed, more chances to be rewarded).

The Shards will be distributed until the total amount of distributed tokens reach a quantity of 300,000.


Renat Akhmadishin

CEO, Engineer

Dmitry Lyakhov

Documentation, Engineer

Olga Luzyakina

Art and Design

Dmitry Popov

Design and Music